Gardening: Last few chores on 2023 garden set up 2024 garden for success

Well, the gardening year has come to an end. I squeaked under the wire of last Thursday’s dusting of snow to get the last of the vegetable garden cleaned up and ready for winter.

I try to do much of the cleanup labor in the fall because spring is busy enough with getting ready to plant to be doing leftover chores.

The first job was to untangle and tie up my blackberry and marionberry vines. The blackberries aren’t too hard to handle because they don’t have thorns. I’m still picking thorns out of my fingers from the marionberries even though I had gloves on. I gather up all the canes into a circle and tie them to the wires.

It was easy to prune out the old canes on my raspberries and tie the new ones to the wire. I leave the canes long and bend them over and tie

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