Edible Garden Provides Update on Sustainability Initiatives Including Walmart’s Project Gigaton

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BELVIDERE, NJ, Jan. 31, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Edible Garden AG Incorporated (“Edible Garden” or the “Company”) (Nasdaq: EDBL, EDBLW), a leader in controlled environment agriculture (CEA), locally grown, organic, and sustainable produce and products, today provided an update on its sustainability initiatives, including the Company’s participation in Walmart’s Project Gigaton – an initiative to remove 1 billion metric tons (gigatons) of emissions in the global value chain by 2030.

Edible Garden’s 2023 Project Gigaton impact has included:

  • 34 metric tons of materials recycled
  • 850 barrels of oil conserved
  • 77 tons of food waste avoided through donation
  • 10,200 gallons of gasoline saved
  • 67 metric tons of virgin corrugate materials avoided

Edible Garden’s 2023 Project Gigaton Impact

Mr. Jim Kras, Chief Executive Officer of Edible Garden, stated, “It is a

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6 Easy Ways to Ditch Plastic in Your Garden

This Story Was Originally Published in March 2019.

There’s no avoiding it: we use a lot of plastic.

Plastic Takes Hundreds of Years to Degrade, and most of it not even make it to the recycling bin. A 2017 Study Showed that of the 8.3 Billion Metric Tons of Plastic Ever Created, only 9 percent has even been recycled. The Majority – About 5 Billion Metric Tons – is Languishes in Landfills or Litters The Natural Environment. The same study predicts that by 2050, 12 billion metric tons of plastic will be in the world’s landfills.

Paradoxically, gardening can be a huge culprit for plastic, even though most people get into gardening to get back in touch with the natural world. Plastic is found in many things in every aspect of gardening, from hoses and bedding to pots and compost bags.

“It’s everywhere in the garden,” Sally Nex, Garden Writer

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