Plan on shopping this Black Friday? These retailers were determined as offering the best deals, per report

With inflation reaching a 40-year high, many families across the country might be looking to Black Friday deals to save a few dollars. That said, a recent report from WalletHub.compared 4,000 deals from 16 of the biggest retailers in the country across nine categories to determine what stores have the best deals this year.

The nine product categories included apparel and accessories, electronics, appliances, jewelry, toys, computers and phones, packed goods, furniture and all other good categories. 

An overall review was measured for all nine categories and then a top five category for each individual nine. This report will highlight the top ten overall and the top three in each category to help readers with a possible starting base to achieve maximum saving this holiday season. 

Overall, JCPenny came in as No. 1 across all nine categories, followed by Belk at No. 2, then Macy’s, Office Depot and OfficeMax,  

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