9 Garden Vegetables, Fruits, and Herbs That Keep Well in the Freezer

Maybe you have too many zucchini and want to save some for later. Perhaps the sweet corn this season tasted so good you want to put some aside for winter soups. Will you just not be able to eat all those berries, tomatoes, and fresh herbs in time? Forget the canning supplies; look no further than your freezer. Before the first frost hits, freeze some of your favorite garden vegetables, fruits and herbs so you can enjoy them in the months to come.

Look for Freshness

When considering which vegetables, fruits, and herbs you want to preserve by freezing, remember that fresh is best.

“In simplest terms, any produce wanting to be preserved (frozen) should be fresh and of good quality. Freezing doesn’t halt the aging process, it just slows it way, way down,” said Chris DiNello, farm manager at Pond Hill Farm in Harbor Springs, Mich.


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