What’s your Northeast Ohio New Year’s garden resolution for 2023?

CLEVELAND, Ohio — The new calendar year is here, which means it is a good time to think about resolutions for the upcoming gardening season. Thanks to the ideas that readers have shared, I have several concepts to explore in 2023.

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Eliminate single-use plastic and minimize waste and petroleum products in my gardening practice. There a many good reasons for gardeners to, in the words of reader Ray in Westlake, “reduce their garbage footprint,” but it takes a conscious effort to do so. Plastic pots, tags, bags, and bottles are abundant in garden supplies, and while I have long reused as much as possible, I am ready to take the next step and find alternatives to these products, especially those that are single use. In our pursuit of picture-perfect produce, we may be causing irreparable harm to our environment, and I don’t

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