St. Augustinegrass seed not reliable in Northwest Florida. Here’s why

Q. I would like to plant St. Augustinegrass seed, but I can’t find the seed at local garden supply stores. Are they available?

A. No, St. Augustinegrass seeds are not available. The reason why we do not have St. Augustinegrass seed on the market is because this grass species does not reliably reproduce from seed.

The viability of the seeds is extremely low. The germination rate is very low and the few seedlings that might germinate would, more than likely, not survive because of seedling diseases.

Even if you did have success and some of the seeds germinated and survived, there would be much seedling variation. In other words, it would not be acceptable because the grass produced from seeds would not be uniform. Some of the seedlings would have narrow or wider blades, some would be darker or lighter in color, some would be faster or slower in growth

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