Every Single Color of the Year for 2024 (So Far!)

top view of clean brush placed on top of open buckets with colorful paints for renovation works

All of the Colors of the Year for 2024 So FarAnna Efetova

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It’s fall, which means Color of the Year season is in full swing for 2024! Every year, paint and wood stain brands alike do heavy research—looking at color trends, sending out surveys, and tapping their own tastemakers—to forecast a color that’ll embody the upcoming year’s essence. These picks will influence everything from home design to fashion. Not to mention, they’re an excuse to give your life a little color-themed refresh.

Last year, the colors leaned toward warm hues that promoted creativity. This year, they’re all about comfort, versatility, and a continued connection to nature—from a grounding soft black, to an uplifting sky blue, to a muted olive green. Since there are so many options to choose from,

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