Community garden in West Eugene: a cultural hotspot for green thumbs | News

Tucked behind Kennedy Middle School lies Churchill Community Garden, engulfed in green and peppered with purples, pinks and yellows from native flowers.

Two women carrying supplies out of the garden’s gates chat in Spanish and follow the puddled path leading back to the school.

Near the back of the garden, three bee boxes and an uplifted saucer of water provide refuge for the bees visiting the garden. Several of them hover around their sanctuary despite the light rain.

Managed by the non-profit Huerto de la Familia and originally created by FOOD For Lane County, the garden is about two decades old and has served as an affordable way for people in the West Eugene community to grow their own food. Beyond this, the garden is a cultural hotspot, where members of the community come together to speak different languages, educate themselves on gardening and celebrate their passion for growing.

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