Modular app-controlled vertical garden stacks greens indoors or out

Italy’s Hexagro has launched a new vertical garden designed to bring a splash of green to the home. Designed for folks with limited space, the Clovy offers growers the choice of hydroponics or aeroponics, the setup can grow taller as their green thumbs develop, and it features pods made from recycled materials or agricultural waste.

Thanks to an IoT irrigation system, folks don’t need to concern themselves with daily watering as the automation technology takes care of that, with fine control available via a companion mobile app – which includes an “AI-powered cultivation assistant” called Hexbee that helps guide users through plant care and maintenance.

“With the IoT system, you can schedule specific times and days for irrigation, adjusting the amount of water delivered,” explained the company. “This flexibility allows you to optimize water consumption, reduce waste, and promote responsible water resource management. Moreover, the irrigation system features two electrical

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