Plant care services take root amid home gardening boom in S. Korea

SEOUL (The Korea Herald/Asia News Network): Whenever her plants show signs of disease like wilting or yellowing leaves, Joo Young-hyun immediately heads to a hospital – one that is dedicated to plants.

Recently, she took her potted rosemary and lavender plants to a facility in Seocho-gu, Seoul, as their leaves started to droop and shed.

Launched by the Seoul metropolitan government in April, this general hospital, located inside the Seoul Agricultural Technology Centre, offers care services and free expert consultations.

The doctor’s diagnosis was “overwatering”, with too much water reducing the oxygen in the soil. Her herbs’ roots were found to be partially rotten due to a drainage problem.

To revive the plants she received as gifts from her parents, Joo said yes to treatment, including repotting, soil replacement, careful watering and lighting.

After 10 days of extensive care at the hospital, the herbs were nursed back to health and

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