Sriracha is in short supply again

GARDEN GROVE, Calif. (KCAL/KCBS) – People who love hot and spicy foods are finding it tough to satisfy their palates these days.

That’s because there’s currently a shortage of Sriracha hot sauce.

If you want to add a little kick to the food served at Garlic and Chives in Garden Grove, you can typically add a squirt of Sriracha hot sauce.

“Us Asians like a lot of ingredients into our food, so Sriracha is one of the most important components,” said Kristin Nguyen, owner of Garlic and Chives.

But the popular hot sauce is once again vanishing from store shelves.

“We used to have every table we have Sriracha, but now we’re down to our last batch,” Nguyen said.

Last summer’s shortage was caused by drought conditions in Mexico, which made it extremely difficult to supply red jalapeno peppers, which is the No. 1 ingredient for this popular sauce.

The maker, Irwindale-based Huy Fong Foods, said in a statement, “Although some production did resume this past fall season, we continue to have a limited supply that continues to affect our production. At this time, we have no estimations of when supply will increase.”

“We use it for some dim sum, then mix it with soy sauce a little bit,” Shawn Cao said.

He said during last year’s Sriracha shortage, he remembers having to go hunting for his favorite condiment.

“I went to the market. They were putting limits on it. I can only buy one if they had any, so yeah, I was quite upset about it,” Cao said.

The same is happening at some supermarkets now. While there were plenty of other spicy sauces, the iconic Huy Fong hot sauce was nowhere to be found.

Back at Garlic and Chives, Nguyen said she is hoping her other spicy options – homemade chili, oil satay and pickled Thai chili – will be enough for customers to enjoy.

“This is our last batch also,” Nguyen said.

But the chef said the shortage is inspiring her to create her own version of gourmet Sriracha sauce.

“There are other options, and I’m going to try to come up with a Sriracha, similar or better,” Nguyen said.

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