Plants which need a ‘tiny amount of water’ to grow in your garden – including lavender

With hot summers soon to be the norm for areas in the UK, gardeners may be looking for plants which can withstand the warm weather. Property experts at Stokemont Surveyors recommended lavender, a popular plant which can be “left to its own devices”.

The experts explained: “A super simple flower to kickstart your water-efficient garden is lavender, a flowering plant of the Lavandula family.

“The gorgeous light purple and white coloring makes for a stunning display, and its need for only a little water a day means it can be left to its own devices.

“Bear in mind that lavender does require a lot of sun to truly thrive, so be wise about where you plant the seeds.”

In a similar purple color is the California Lilac.

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“However, at the end of the branches bloom vibrant pink flowers set back to pastel-green leaves — a truly wonderful visual display.

“This plant grows best in dry soil, and goes so far as to not bloom if overwatered, so be careful not to over-hydrate the soil.”

Bradley MacKenzie of Stokemont Surveyors said: “Flower cultivation can be tricky, especially in summers like this with such prolonged heat.

“Traditional flowers wilt and die if not in the perfect temperatures, and caring so intently can be stressful.

“These flowers are perfect for a gorgeous and low maintenance garden, giving you time to relax and enjoy being at one with nature.

“Plus, with hosepipe bans stemming across much of the UK, there’s genuinely never been a better time to invest in flowers that don’t take up too much water. You’ll love the results.”

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