Houston ranked among top 15 best cities for urban gardening

Houston is known for a lot of things, and now we can rack up gardening among them. 

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A recent study by LawnStarter looked at 200 of the biggest U.S. cities based on four categories that were then broken down into 12 metrics. 

Researchers also looked at cities with easy access to gardening space, supplies, an ideal climate, and a big gardening community.

The data led them to rank Houston as the 11th best city for urban gardening. Houston was the second city that was high up in the rankings but was outperformed by Austin, which was named 8th best. 


The Space City also was found to have the 2nd most number of regional garden clubs and the 10th most number of community gardens. 

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For a complete look at the report and how other cities compared, click here.

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