Get best-of-web pricing on this minimalist corner floor lamp

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When decorating your home, one important thing to consider is the lighting. Elements such as natural light, pre-installed pendant lamps and even the color temperature of your bulbs can make a room inviting, sterile or downright dim, and that doesn’t even take into account furniture placement.

If you don’t know the first thing about home decor, your safest bet would be purchasing a versatile and understated fixture, and Lamp Depot has an option that might suit your needs. During our Deal Days event, which runs through October 12, you can for only $60 or 25 percent off. This sale is our answer to Prime Day, and our features over 150 discounted products, some of which you won’t find on Amazon.

This chic corner lamp earned four stars in our store and is designed to blend in with any interior design. You may barely notice it’s there until you turn it on. The fixture measures 15 inches long and wide by 55 inches tall, and its clever weighted base can easily be tucked behind and underneath furniture such as , drawers and consoles, so you won’t have to rearrange your room arrangement to set it up.

The RGB LED bulbs are rated at 50,000 hours and can produce a soft white light providing up to 1,680 lumens. But the real fun begins when you switch up the colors. Using the included remote control, you can shuffle between 16 million hues and over 300 multi-color lighting effects to set the mood or . So if you’re planning a party soon, choose cool blues, greens and purples to energize your guests. Or you can cast warmer hues like yellow and orange when unwinding after work. Verified buyer Sue B. enjoyed her lamp’s ambiance, sharing: “This light is so delightful. It is picking me up from the grey Michigan weather! It is a beautiful accent in my living room.”

You can or , the best price you’ll find online. No coupons are necessary to claim this discount, which expires on October 12. And if you’re decorating a new home, don’t forget to check out our for more sales.

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