Garden supply prices up about 15%, cost of fertilizer triples

If you’re thinking about warm weather and planning your landscaping, experts say your garden might cost more this spring.

Lawn care experts say the good news is that a lot of people have picked up home gardening as a hobby, especially during and after the COVID pandemic, but the costs of things like flowers and seeds are high. 

“Flowers have increased from the prices of the nursery,” said Justin Kolvenbach, Villani Landshapers in Menomonee Falls.

Spring is looking expensive. 

“I mean, look at the grocery prices,” said Kolvenbach.

Prices are up for landscaping supplies.

“Whether it’s the fertilizer that we use, it could be the shrub that we get from a nursery, prices have gone up, just like everywhere,” said Kolvenbach.

Kolvenbach said fertilizer nearly tripled in price and labor costs increased. He said the war in Ukraine is partially to blame since Russia and Ukraine are the main suppliers of fertilizers.  

“It’s supply and demand and then to deliver it,” said Kolvenbach.

Bayside Garden Center Manager Andy Kolowith said prices over all increased about 15%. Grass seed has nearly doubled. Some products they’re lucky to get at all, but this might brighten your spring.

“Our price of pots have gone down 10% this coming year,” said Kolowith.

Kolowith said the supply chain is stabilizing which means costs are starting to flatten out.

“I know everything is up slightly, but it’s looking better,” said Kolowith.

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Bayside Garden Center tried to cut costs and work more efficiently to save people money. Kolowith said there’s a lot you can do, too, like making your own compost and buying smaller plants.

“By growing plants yourself from seed, recycling certain materials, plastic pots and things,” said Kolowith.

Whether you’re getting your hands in the dirt or leaving it to the experts, spring has sprung and so have prices.

Another tip from the professionals is to shop around and buy early because a lot of places are offering coupons and other deals. 

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