‘Garden in a Bag’ is a Mini Garden Anyone Can Grow

From herbs and fruit to flowers, these self-contained mini-gardens require little more than sunlight and water.

Treehugger / Free The Ocean

Treehugger / Free The Ocean

Indoor gardening takes many forms, from microgreen kits to windowsill herb pots to home hydroponic systems. And then there’s the “Garden in a Bag.” Exactly as its name suggests—these cute paper bags are filled with soil and seeds that will grow into one of many plant varieties on a sunny windowsill. This is a fun way to have a steady supply of fresh herbs or flowers year-round.

The plant choices range from lavender and catnip to snapdragons and alpine strawberry. You can also opt for sweet message bags to express affection or gratitude or to send a message to mom or someone else you’re thinking of.

We love how easy these are to grow—and an impatient gardener won’t have to wait long for their mini-gardens to start growing. Germination time varies depending on the plant variety, but most sprout within three to 14 days. They will continue to grow post-germination and may eventually need to be transferred to a larger pot to keep growing.

Garden in a Bag is sold by Free the Ocean (FTO), an organization that removes ten pieces of plastic from the ocean for every item sold in its online store. FTO’s founder Mimi Ausland tells Treehugger that Garden in a Bag is “a community favorite and relevant for Earth Day, as this month is a great time to start growing a little food or something beautiful at home—no green thumb required.”

Each bag measures 7 inches by 6 inches and is lined with leak-proof foil. The soil comes packaged separately in a sugarcane bag, which FTO says is “not to be confused with a plastic bag—the feel is the same, but sugarcane is a natural material” that will biodegrade.

To purchase and for more information, visit Free the Ocean.

In support of Free the Ocean’s mission to clean up the ocean and reduce plastic use, each month, we feature a product from their plastic-free shop. (Note: We do not make any money from these recommendations.)

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