Food supplies running low at some Central Florida shelters, food banks

More shelters and food banks are needing help to feed people in need. It’s causing some of their food supply shelves to look bare. At Matthew’s Hope Ministries the outreach center is struggling.

“It’s disheartening. It’s very hard to help when they ask for something,” said Matthews Hope volunteer Andrea Pumar.

“Watching it literally get worse – just day after day and for us. As we watch it get worse, we’re watching our shelves just become completely depleted,” said CEO Scott Billue.

Billue said he has seen a 30% increase as more families are in need due to increased fuel costs and a delay in getting food stamps. Many don’t even have a place to prepare meals.

“We’re mostly buying prepared non-perishable foods with a pop-top, single-serve size.”

Greg Higgerson of Second Harvest Food Bank said they have plenty of donations, but he explained that there’s very high demand right now.

“About one in seven people in Florida is having to seek assistance with food,” he said.

At Second Harvest Food Bank, they have 500 providers across six countries needing more food.

“People are at that tipping point between making decisions about things like rent and putting gas in the car. Or get to work and having to pay for food,” he added.

Some needing food were too embarrassed to go on camera. A volunteer told us, “I have a man right here, he’s having a hard time. I give him a lot of meats, canned goods. So second harvest helps us out a lot.”

Billue said he doesn’t receive food from Second Harvest, but he hopes the public will help his outreach center.

“You just shake your head and wonder what to do next. So we’re thankful for anyone that can help us out.”

For more information about Matthew’s Hope Ministries, visit their website.

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