Black Moon opens in Garden City

Bakery by morning and pizzeria and happy hour bar by evening – that’s the idea behind Black Moon in Garden City.

Co-owner Barry Faught’s initial idea was to open Black Moon as a bakery to supply his downtown Boise coffee shop – Broadcast Coffee, which faces Cherie-Buckner Webb Park. But because he can use the same equipment to make pizza, he saw an opportunity for both.

“We use the same mixers for pizza dough as we do for our croissant dough,” Faught said. “Our ovens that we have that we make our pizzas in, they’re actually bread ovens, but they make really great-tasting pizzas. And they will make really great-tasting baked goods as well. It’s a special oven that we ordered from France.”

Faught says the bakery side of Black Moon won’t be open until December. For now, the restaurant is serving up pizza, salads, and appetizers Wednesday through Sunday.

“Our chef Josh Pejsa was the chef for Flatbread when they first opened,” Faught said. “He’s a really talented person so we basically gave him full reins of the menu and he’s done a spectacular job.”

Black Moon also has happy hour from 3 – 5 p.m., which Faught takes pride in. It features $10 pizzas, $7 salads, $3 beers, $4 glasses of wine, and a bottle for $10.

“I’m a really big happy hour person. I’m always looking for a good happy hour so I wrote our happy hour menu to be a happy hour menu that I would love to find somewhere,” he said.

The interior of the restaurant features a cozy and inviting atmosphere where guests can either sit at a table or at the bar.

“It’s like a modern neighborhood bar. It’s clean, kind of dark, a lot of plants, we get some great light, and we have a wonderful view of the mountains and hills,” Faught said.

Black Moon is located at 3709 W Chinden Blvd. in Garden City.

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