Bakery by day, pizzeria by night? New 2-in-1 restaurant to open soon in Garden City

A new restaurant with two personalities is coming to Garden City.

Black Moon bakery and pizzeria is on the way at 3709 W. Chinden Blvd. It will take over the old Sportscard Fanatic spot next to Section 37 Axe Room.

Co-owner Barry Faught said he’s targeting a July opening.

Two years ago, Faught brought his Emerald City brand, Broadcast Coffee, to downtown Boise. Faught grew up in Idaho’s capital city but moved to Seattle in 2002.

The Broadcast coffee shop at 1100 W. Idaho St. in Boise has struggled to find quality baked goods to sell, Faught said. So he and his business partner decided to launch their own bakery to supply it.

“But then I wanted to take it a step further,” he explained.

The idea is that Black Moon will be a bakery and cafe by day, and then transform into a pizzeria at night.

“They use the same equipment, right?” Faught said. “It’s just, like, why not keep it going?”

When Black Moon debuts, the restaurant will be open Wednesdays through Sundays, evenings only — selling pizza. Once that concept is running smoothly, Black Moon will launch its morning bakery component. “We’re looking for a good baker,” he admitted. Eventually, Faught said, hours probably will be 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. daily.

Black Moon will offer artisanal-style pizza, he said, similar to Neapolitan. But because the pizzeria and bakery will share equipment, pizzas will be cooked at a lower temperature, “like 540 degrees instead of 900 degrees,” he said.

And the bakery’s focus? “I think we can start off with bread,” Faught said. “But then pastries — it’ll be French pastries, like a lot of laminated doughs. Like croissants, scones. Cookies.”

Faught also has a bakery-cafe in Seattle called Temple Pastries.

Carryout will be a significant part of Black Moon’s pizza business, but Faught doesn’t plan to offer delivery. For adult beverages, Black Moon will sell beer, wine and canned cocktails.

Since leaving Idaho two decades ago, Faught has watched Boise grow from afar. And while the City of Trees gets most of the hype, Garden City has done plenty of evolving, too.

Faught said he’s excited about Black Moon’s location.

“It’s on the way into downtown (Boise), so it’s easy to stop in and just get back on,” Faught said. “And we have a big parking lot, which is great.”

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