Four years later, is pandemic gardening fever still going strong? – InForum

Did you hear about the entrepreneur who wanted to make belts decorated with herbs? His gardening friends told him it was a waist of thyme.

Joking aside, gardening changed dramatically in early 2020 as the pandemic gripped the country. Has the gardening frenzy that began during COVID-19 continued in the years since?

In our March 31, 2020 garden column I wrote, “Toilet paper wasn’t the only thing in short supply during recent weeks. Potatoes were hard to come by in the grocery store, and canned and frozen vegetables were sparse.”

The grow-your-own frenzy was starting.


Planting your own victory garden is a great exercise in the current pandemic. Dreamstime / TNS

About the same time, I received an email from a San Francisco man urgently asking how to start a vegetable garden after he read The Forum column in which

I wrote about the resurgence of Victory Gardens

. He

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