What It’s Like to Shop at Ikea’s Mini Plan and Order Stores

  • Ikea is embarking on a $2 billion expansion of its US operations.
  • Part of Ikea’s strategy is a new, smaller store for shoppers redesigning whole rooms.
  • I visited one of these new stores to see what it’s like to shop there.

Ikea is spending billions to expand in the US, and a big part of its plans rest on small stores.

Most shoppers probably think of huge warehouses filled with everything from kitchen towels to coffee tables to Swedish meatballs when they think of the retailer. But in a $2 billion initiative it announced earlier this year, Ikea said that it would open nine “plan-and-order” stores in the US.

Each store is a fraction of the size of the Ikea you’re probably used to. While an

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