Best Labor Day sales and deals from Amazon, Home Depot, Macy’s, Walmart, and more

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Labor. Day. Sales. These are three words that make any backyard owners do somersaults in jubilation, and if it’s all three in a row then even better. See the list below for all the big retailers’ Labor Day discounts.


Amazon is number one at bat, and their deals are absolute homeruns. Best deals include:

– Up to 40% off on electronics like MacBook Air and smart TVs.

– Up to 60% on furniture and Amazon brands.

– Up to 25% off on Eureka vacuums.

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Walmart is going big again, and their Labor Day sale until September 4th is a doozy. Choice

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Get Cookout Ready With The Best Labor Day Patio Furniture Sales

Get Cookout Ready With The Best Labor Day Patio Furniture Sales

If you’re planning a cookout with friends and family this holiday weekend, you’re in luck. Labor Day patio furniture sales have arrived just in time to host your loved ones in style. Right now, you can grab elegant sectionals perfect to lounge in, fire pits and brand-new grills for sizzling up delicious meals–all without breaking the bank. Popular retailers such as Wayfair, West Elm and Amazon have rolled out incredible deals, stretching from now until September 4.

Whether you have a sprawling backyard or a cozy balcony, you can save on pieces that will complement your space. You may even find yourself with extra cash to put towards that last-minute summer vacation you’ve been yearning for. So, whether you’re an outdoor entertainment enthusiast or a relaxation aficionado, you won’t want to miss out on this opportunity to save. Below, the best Labor Day patio furniture sales to shop.

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Garden pond used to watercool RTX 4090 PC – fully submersed

Garden pond used to watercool RTX4090 PC

In a world where technology is constantly pushing the boundaries, companies are now exploring the depths of the ocean, not for treasure, but for better heat dissipation for data centers. However on experimental project has taken this concept and applied it to a garden pond, demonstrating the potential of using water to cool high-end PC components.

The watercooled PC project involved the use of an RTX 4090 and an Intel I9 13900k, components that generate over 800 watts of heat. The challenge was to find a way to dissipate this heat effectively, and the solution was found in the most unlikely of places – a garden pond.

The hardware was encased in a clear acrylic cylinder, making it watertight and allowing for rapid heat dissipation. The plan involved building a sealed internal water cooling loop that transfers heat from the components to external copper pipes. These pipes were

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Take the offensive against squash-eating gray bugs

Hi, Sue. Last year gray squash-eating bugs appeared in my garden around the kubocha squash vines. I read that applications of a Neem oil-water mixture sprayed on both sides of the leaves and vines would get rid of them. It worked. This year, I attempted to be proactive and looked for eggs to remove them before they became nefarious insects. But I couldn’t keep up and the bugs are back. I’ve been applying the Neem oil-water mixture. Is there anything else I can do to combat the bugs? Is there something I can do next year to prevent the insect infestation from returning? I’d appreciate any advice that you have. Thank you.

— Bob Orenstein PS: Say hi to Fran, who would have taken much better photos of my pests.

Gray squash-eating bugs sound like squash bugs to me. The adult squash bugs (Anasa tristis) are large (about 5/8 inches

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Megastores may be declining, but the DIY scene is thriving | News

Habitat for Humanity Tucson’s HabiStore may not be the first business you think of when searching for a home improvement megastore.

The 18,000-square-foot building on Grant and Fairview mainly serves as a donation center for surplus or reusable building materials that go toward helping Habitat for Humanity’s volunteers build affordable housing for low-income families.

But it also operates as a retail outlet, selling a lot of the donated stuff the builders don’t use — furniture, appliances, building materials, tools and hardware — at discounted prices. Those funds are then used to finance the nonprofit’s work.

While not exactly a Home Depot or Lowe’s, the HabiStore, along with other community-supported do-it-yourself centers, is where America’s home improvement boom, already waning for the megastores, is sending some welcome aftershocks.

“When the lockdown happened in 2020, everybody was at home and suddenly home projects became a priority,” said Tanna Johnson, the Tucson affiliate’s

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Odessa Tractor Supply unveils major upgrades and new Garden Center

Courtesy Photo

Tractor Supply announced in a Thursday press release the completion of an exciting remodel of the entire store at the Odessa location that will transform the shopping experience for local customers. The store is now home to a new, extensive Garden Center loaded with plants, lawn and garden essentials for everyone from first-time gardeners to experienced vegetable growers.

The enhanced store features an improved layout for convenient and accessible shopping as well as a new Customer Service Hub with upgraded digital tools to help customers find what they need, the release said. Additionally, customers can now shop from an expanded assortment of apparel, tools, hardware, pet food, animal feed and more.

The Garden Center offers an expansive new assortment of lawn and garden products, including annuals, perennials, shrubs, decorative accent plants, fruit trees, herbs and vegetables. Customers will also find top-tier items from national brands such as Scotts,

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The garden of eatin’

My wife has ants in her plants. She also has rabbits and squirrels and birds, oh my!

The creatures have been eating the vegetables in Sue’s garden. In retaliation, my green-thumbed sweetheart has been waging a constant battle to stop the pesky invaders from decimating the fruits of her labors.

“They’re destroying my zucchini!” Sue moaned recently after discovering that some creepy critters had been gorging on the thick courgettes she takes supreme pleasure in making me eat.

To put it mildly, I am not a fan of squash, though I do like tennis. Sue is also growing cucumbers, which I hate, too, so it’s a good thing I don’t play pickleball.

Anyway, she is at her wits’ end with these creatures. (With me, she is only at her halfwit’s end.)

The question is: How do we get rid of them?

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‘I’m literally never buying herbs again’

Rosemary can enhance the flavor of many dishes, so it’s a great spice to have on hand whenever you need it.

And thanks to one gardening hack on TikTok, you’ll never have to worry about running out of rosemary again.

The scoop

In a viral TikTok video, Martha (@marfskitchengarden) shared a gardening trick that seems almost too good to be true: endless rosemary.

“Did you know you can grow a lifetime’s supply of rosemary just using one packet of cut rosemary from the supermarket?” she says.

First, strip the bottom leaves from the stem and trim the bottom. Place your rosemary sprigs in water to promote root growth and propagation. Be sure to change the water each week, and after about three to four weeks, you’ll notice roots growing.

Once you notice the roots, it’s time to plant them in pots. Rosemary thrives in a free-draining, soil-based mix, so

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Home Depot sales dip, but company says long-term outlook good

ATLANTA — Home Depot on Tuesday announced another quarter of declining sales, but it was a dip that was expected as the company works through what officials called a post-pandemic “settling.”

The retail behemoth reported sales of $42.9 billion for the past three months, down 2.0% from the same quarter during the previous year. Net earnings during the quarter were $4.7 billion, or $4.65 per share, down from $5.2 billion, or $5.05 per share, a year earlier.

“We look at 2023 as a year of moderation after the explosive growth we had in the last few years,” said Ted Decker, chief executive, during a teleconference with analysts and reporters.

Earlier this year, the company projected that its sales this year will be between 2% and 5% of the previous year’s revenue, while earnings per share drop between 7% and 13%. Officials Tuesday reaffirmed that prediction.

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Get garden color with less work by planting in containers | Home/Garden

Most of us crave color in the landscape. Colorful flowers and foliage enliven a landscape and bring interest and beauty.

We typically plant colorful flowerbeds to provide splashes of color. While beautiful, flowerbeds are high maintenance. They require laborious bed preparation and planting. Then comes the continuous work of grooming (deadheading and removing unattractive foliage), watering, weeding and fertilizing.

With the record-breaking heat this summer, it’s been hard to get out and maintain flowerbeds. Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a way to have the landscape color we want without all that labor?

Planting colorful bedding plants in large containers will do just that. Strategically placed where the color will be most appreciated, colorful plants in containers can add the color we crave with much less effort.

The only limit to where you put colorful container gardens is water. It’s best to have a source of water close enough

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