28 Unique DIY Vertical Garden Ideas to Try

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Vertical gardening takes gardens to new heights and does it in style. You’ll save space with these vertical gardens and most of them are cheaper to put together than a traditional garden. It will also give you some extra flexibility if you want to change out a plant or flower since they’re so easy to access and replant.

These DIY vertical gardens don’t have to go outside either. A few of these are inside, where you can easily reach that next herb you need for dinner. There are a lot of options and styles here, and you’re sure to find one that fits your needs.

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This DIY vertical garden is much easier to put together than it looks. Instead of building it, you’ll be using just one supply from the hardware store for the body of the garden. Silver pails are then hooked onto the railings, just waiting to be

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How to get rid of pigeons from your garden – four humane and effective deterrents

Pigeons in the garden are extremely common throughout the UK, here’s how to humanely and safely deter the pesky birds from your outdoor space with four effective deterrents.

Pigeons leave an absurd amount of droppings, which many don’t realise are actually corrosive.

The common birds’ faeces are highly acidic, and can stain surfaces they’re, as well as increasing deteroration of the surface.

Pigeons also produce debris – feathers and dropping nest materials are the most common signs of a pigeon being nearby.

They are also not afraid to attack crops, flowers and vegetables in a garden, and are prone to scaring off other non-pest wildlife.

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How to get rid of pigeons

1. Don’t feed them

Like most animals, if pigeons are fed, they will return, and the abundance of food will attract other animals.

However, spring and early summer is the

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10 things you can do right now for your garden

This story was originally published in April 2021.

The last frost hasn’t arrived yet. But that doesn’t stop gardeners from wanting to get outside to work on their gardens. Fortunately, there’s plenty that can be done during the springtime.

Preparing the garden for the growing season is more than just buying seeds or cleaning out beds. Here are 10 things to do in the early spring to get your garden ready for the growing season.

Get a soil test

In this March 2016 file photo, damp soils sit with carbon dioxide indicators in them at the University of Maine’s soil lab in Deering Hall in Orono. Credit: Ashley L. Conti / BDN

If you haven’t submitted a soil sample to the University of Maine Cooperative Extension already, do it now. Soil tests are important to figure out what your soil needs to be healthier and encourage your plants to thrive.

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Garden supply prices up about 15%, cost of fertilizer triples

If you’re thinking about warm weather and planning your landscaping, experts say your garden might cost more this spring.

Lawn care experts say the good news is that a lot of people have picked up home gardening as a hobby, especially during and after the COVID pandemic, but the costs of things like flowers and seeds are high. 

“Flowers have increased from the prices of the nursery,” said Justin Kolvenbach, Villani Landshapers in Menomonee Falls.

Spring is looking expensive. 

“I mean, look at the grocery prices,” said Kolvenbach.

Prices are up for landscaping supplies.

“Whether it’s the fertilizer that we use, it could be the shrub that we get from a nursery, prices have gone up, just like everywhere,”

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The 13 best above-ground pools for summer 2023, per experts

With warm weather comes looking forward to buying new bikinis and swim trunks, readying our outdoor patio furniture and — of course — dipping our toes into a pool of some kind.

It’s no surprise that in-ground pools cost a pretty penny to add to your backyard. Not to mention, a whole lot of upkeep. For a fraction of the cost, you can buy a quality above-ground pool from retailers like Amazon, The Home Depot, Lowe’s and more.

“Above-ground pools are a great way to get more bang for your buck in comparison to in-ground pools,” Ashley Murphy, fire and pool merchant at The Home Depot, told the New York Post. “They require less construction work, excavation and materials, which makes them a more budget-friendly option for families who want to have

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15 Creative Ways to Store Your Garden Hose

<p>The Spruce / Dera Burreson</p>

The Spruce / Dera Burreson

Storing a garden hose correctly is essential to prevent damage and in turn, have a lush green backyard. If you’re tired of a bright yellow garden hose sticking out like a sore thumb and distracting from your beautiful landscaping, we’re here to share 15 creative ways to store your garden hose.

Not only are these ideas practical and help prolong this essential garden tool’s lifespan and good working conditions, they also provide options for discreet and even stylish outdoor storage.

Hide It in a Lidded Hose Pot

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Coil your garden hose and store it neatly and discreetly in a lidded hose pot. These storage containers are designed specifically for storing a garden hose and come in various materials and designs.

For a traditional look, go with a vintage-style copper hose pot such as this one, or for a sleek and modern appearance, choose a

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Hydroponic Gardening Is Growing Strong

If home-grown greens sound more appealing than the imported store-bought variety, but you don’t want to wait until spring to start planting seeds, hydroponic indoor gardens will ensure you have fresh organic produce all year. 

Using water instead of soil, these cutting-edge planters are designed to fit every home, whether you’re looking for a discrete herb-garden on a kitchen countertop, or a triple-decker vertical farm to create an eye-catching contemporary living room that can help feed the whole family.

Compact, eco-friendly, and fuss-free, hydroponic home gardens are primed to be the next must-have amenity.

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“In the near future, the ability to grow your own produce, either in your own home or within the building, is going to be an expectation and eventually a standard,” says Stephen Kliegerman, president of Brown Harris Stevens Development
Marketing, who often suggests high-end buildings incorporate hydroponic

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The 8 Best Online Garden Stores of 2023

Our Favorite Online Garden Stores for Seeds Plants Supplies and More

Photo: gemplers.com

​Gardening continues to rise in popularity, and with that increase in interest, shopping for garden supplies has evolved. Gardeners are no longer limited to shopping in the seasonal sections of big-box stores or making the trek across town to specialty garden centers. Online garden stores are plentiful, and some of your favorite brick-and-mortar retailers carry way more online than in store.

We’ve compiled a list of the best online garden stores to help start your garden season on the right foot. Our picks include where to buy seeds, plants, raised garden beds, hoses, and garden tools online for delivery or store pickup.

1. Ace Hardware

Our Favorite Online Garden Stores for Seeds Plants Supplies and More: Ace Hardware

Photo: acehardware.com

Price Range: $ to $$$$

Return Policy: Returns of online purchases are accepted at local Ace retail stores (less applicable shipping, handling, and other charges) or via mail within 30 days of purchase.

Top Products:

Ace Hardware Corporation is still owned

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Behind the scenes look at town’s state-of-the-art new bus depot

Photos show inside the new Warrington bus depot. Picture: Mike Boden

Photos show inside the new Warrington bus depot. Picture: Mike Boden

HERE is your first look behind the scenes at Warrington’s brand new and state-of-the-art bus depot.

The £10million facility is located near to The Halliwell Jones Stadium on Dallam Lane, and it replaces the now closed depot off Brian Bevan Island.

The old depot closed last week, with Warrington’s Own Buses moving operations to its shiny new home ahead of the rollout of a new fleet of electric buses early next year.

At present, the site is servicing the current fleet of 105 buses, which will be replaced with electric vehicles when they are delivered, and accommodates 230 employees.

Photos show inside the new Warrington bus depot. Picture: Mike Boden

Photos show inside the new Warrington bus depot. Picture: Mike Boden

Photos show inside the new Warrington bus depot. Picture: Mike Boden

It has taken around four years from concept to reality and opening, and everything at the depot has

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Shop the best sales at Our Place, Avocado and more

Shop smart for your wallet and the planet with these Earth Day sales.

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Earth Day 2023 is Saturday, April 22 and there are plenty of great ways to help save the planet. You can buy cozy mattresses made from sustainable materials, grab long-lasting cookware so cracked pots don’t fill up trash dumps and so much more. If you want to find more ways to keep your environment (and wallet) safe, we’ve found the best Earth Day sales to shop right now.

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If you’re looking to save on everything you need for your home and beyond, hop on over to CVS, QVC and Our Place for the best Earth Day sales. Meanwhile, nab price cuts on all the pastel pieces you need for spring at Nordstrom and Carter’s. Keep scrolling to shop

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