20 Cute Gardening Products You Can Order on Amazon Before Spring Planting

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<p>The Spruce / Photo Illustration by Amy Sheehan / Amazon</p>

The Spruce / Photo Illustration by Amy Sheehan / Amazon

Whether you’ve already started your spring planting plans or you’re just mapping out your flower beds for the season, now is definitely the time to stock up on gardening supplies.

With nothing but gardens and outdoor season our mind, we scrolled through Amazon and found a ton of adorable pieces to make your backyard and outdoor spaces even more stylish this season.

Play22 Complete Garden Tool Kit With Bag & Gloves

We don’t subscribe to the idea that men and women need different things to get the job done. The need for aesthetically pleasing tools should know no bounds! This adorable bag comes with everything you need to tackle your gardens and is cute enough to leave out in the open and on display if needed.

Aigel Garden Decor Mushrooms

As a reminder, mushrooms are in at the moment, so why not incorporate them into your outdoor garden for some on-trend aesthetics? These are simple and cute and would look just as charming in a flower bed as they would in individual planters.

Giraffe Creation Speckled White Plant Pots

If you’re looking for planters and plant pots that have a trendier vibe, these simple speckled white picks are our fave find. They’re neutral without being boring and would look great either on a plant shelf or nestled around an outdoor seating area.

Geebobo 5 Tier Tall Plant Stand

Just because you don’t have a sprawling backyard doesn’t mean you can’t still have a plethora of plant life. This multi-tier plant stand doesn’t have a large footprint but it’s tall enough to hold up to five plants, making it perfect for a balcony, patio, or porch.

HappyPicnic 2 Inch Thick Knee Pads

Gardening can be tough on your knees if you’re not careful, but this kneeling cushion is an easy and cute fix. It’s compact and easy-to-store, and can also be used in yoga if your wellness hobbies extend outside of gardening.

Leetolla Raised Garden Bed Outdoor Elevated Herb Planter Box

An outdoor herb garden is basically the dream, but if finding space is tricky, then this moveable planter box is a cute solution. If you want to expand past herbs, it also works well as a raised veggie patch, or you can make it purely decorative and fill it with flowers.

Gardife Self-Watering Planters with Drainage Holes

If maintaining a regular watering schedule is your biggest barrier to having a functioning garden, then these planters might be the answer. With external watering lips on each pot, the brand claims these saucers work as reservoirs that can store enough water to keep your plants happy for around a week if not more.

Fengson Ceramic Hanging Planters

While lots of attention is paid to flower beds and ground planters, don’t forget to make the most of any outdoor vertical space! We love these ceramic hanging planters, which are perfect for lower-maintenance plants like succulents.

Esgarden 6 Pack Solar Light Outdoor Garden Patio Pathway Landscape Lights

Maybe you want your gardens to be lit up at night with functional lanterns that guide the way and keep people from tromping through your beds, or maybe you’re craving a touch of whimsy. These solar-powered lanterns do both, casting out light in a celestial print and keeping your gardening efforts in focus, even at night.

Wildlife World Butterfly House and Feeder

Hopefully, your beautiful flowers will attract butterflies on their own, but before they fully bud, you can help things along—your garden will be better for it! This wooden butterfly house is as cute as it is functional.

Gohearin Ceramic Planter

As a reminder, fun ceramics are officially IN this year, and your outdoor space should get in on the fun, too. We love these artsy face-printed flower pots because they can easily be transitioned indoors for houseplants when the summer season comes to a close.

Otdair Solar Lights Outdoor Garden

As you plan out your gardens, leave space for whimsical touches among your plants, like this light-up lotus decoration. Great outdoor lighting is a must throughout the summer, and incorporating pieces like this can help you spotlight certain areas while upping the ambiance.

Barnyard Designs ‘Hello’ Half Moon Doormat

If you’re spending time digging around in the dirt, it’s likely some mud will try to come inside with you. A cute doormat that will also get the job done is a must, and we love this simple half-moon hello, perfect for a mud room or garden entrance.

Outsunny Wooden Cold Frame Greenhouse Small Mini Planter Box

If you’re eager to get started on your summer planting but the weather isn’t quite warm enough, this wooden cold-frame greenhouse is the answer. It’s the perfect place to store seedlings until they’re strong enough to handle the elements, and it’s both cute and small enough to tuck off to the side of your garden so you don’t lose too much lawn space.

Home Craft Expressions Circular Mosaic Hanging Bird Feeder

Even if you’re not an official birdwatcher, incorporating decorative elements that also attract wildlife is a great way to enhance the mini-ecosystem that is your garden. This mosaic feeder is simple and pretty, with glass detailing made for catching the sunlight.

TONULAX Solar Garden Lights

Pros often talk about incorporating lighting throughout your landscaping and flower beds, but it doesn’t have to be an intensive project. These solar-powered stakes can be easily inserted throughout your gardens, and seem to work best among taller plants. They’re also designed to create some movement, emulating the effect of fireflies, according to the brand.

MYard 2 Pack Garden Trellis for Climbing Plants Outdoor

If you’ve always wanted to try your hand at climbing plants but weren’t sure how or where, this set of garden trellises might solve your problem. They’re also cute enough to not be an eyesore while you wait for your plants to reach maximum climbing capabilities.

Leifide Slate Plant Labels

Plant pros will tell you any plant can be easy as long as you give it what it wants—you just need to know how to care for the ones you have. Unfortunately, that advice can only get you so far if you don’t actually know what you have. These little slate plant labels will help solve that problem, and they’re cute, too.

Lechloris Metal Watering Can

If you have a fancy outdoor irrigation system, maybe this one isn’t for you. Or maybe we all need an adorable watering can that makes us feel like we’re in our own little fairytale garden dream! This one comes in a bunch of cute colors, but always make sure if you’re going metal, you pick one that’s specifically designed for outdoor use like this one is.

Sekcen Railing Planter Window Box

We love window boxes, and these organic-looking planters feel particularly on-trend this year. Best of all, if window boxes won’t quite work on your windows for whatever reason, then these are still a great alternative to attach to any porch or deck rail.

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