15 Creative Ways to Store Your Garden Hose

<p>The Spruce / Dera Burreson</p>

The Spruce / Dera Burreson

Storing a garden hose correctly is essential to prevent damage and in turn, have a lush green backyard. If you’re tired of a bright yellow garden hose sticking out like a sore thumb and distracting from your beautiful landscaping, we’re here to share 15 creative ways to store your garden hose.

Not only are these ideas practical and help prolong this essential garden tool’s lifespan and good working conditions, they also provide options for discreet and even stylish outdoor storage.

Hide It in a Lidded Hose Pot

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Coil your garden hose and store it neatly and discreetly in a lidded hose pot. These storage containers are designed specifically for storing a garden hose and come in various materials and designs.

For a traditional look, go with a vintage-style copper hose pot such as this one, or for a sleek and modern appearance, choose a matte black version. This storage method allows you to keep a garden hose in close proximity to your flowering plants and garden beds without it looking distracting.

Store It in a Potting Shed

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A potting shed is a great place to keep various gardening tools and supplies, including a garden hose. Typically conveniently located in an easily accessible spot in the backyard, it offers a practical storage and prep space, as well as shelter from the rain.

Use a Decorative Hanger

<p>Wildroze / Getty Images</p>

When storing a garden hose in an exposed spot, use a decorative hanger to make the practical outdoor tool a little more visually appealing so it doesn’t stick out like a sore thumb among all the outdoor decor.

A curved hanger such as this allows you to hang the coiled hose without it unwrapping or getting tangled and provides easy access to it when it’s time to water your plants.

Put It in the Garage

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Designate an area in your garage for garden tools, including a garden hose, especially during the cold winter months when they are not being used regularly. One benefit to storing a hose indoors is that it’s not exposed to UV rays and the harsh elements that can potentially damage it or cut down its lifespan.

Stash It in an Outdoor Storage Box

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Outdoor storage boxes are available in various sizes and materials, are sometimes on wheels, and are typically waterproof. They’re a great place to stash a garden hose to protect it from the elements but keep it on hand at the same time.

These outdoor containers usually have a decorative exterior—such as a woven wicker-like texture or a slatted wood design—which makes them nice enough to keep out on your deck or patio.

Mount a Hose Reel on the Wall

<p>Faba-Photography / Getty Images</p>

Faba-Photography / Getty Images

For a highly practical storage solution, mount a hose reel on an exterior wall in your backyard. This keeps it off the ground and you can easily wind and unwind it as needed.

Keep It in a Garden Shed

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A garden shed, no matter its size, is an excellent addition to any yard. It serves as sheltered storage for a garden hose and various other gardening tools and supplies, such as rakes, shovels, and potting soil. Give your garden shed a pretty makeover by hanging a seasonal wreath on the door, placing decorative potted plants around it, or painting trim and shutters a contrasting color.

Wrap It Around an Outdoor Spigot

<p>BasieB / Getty Images</p>

Coil a garden hose and hang it off an outdoor spigot, attaching a hose bib if possible so you can directly connect the hose to it. Store watering cans in the same area so you can quickly get to all your watering tools.

Use an Outdoor Storage Ottoman

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An outdoor storage ottoman is an incredibly versatile piece of furniture to add to your backyard, patio, or deck, as it serves multiple functions. Use it as a coffee table, a spot to rest your feet, and a place to store gardening equipment such as a garden hose.

Install a Pegboard

<p>Rick Lew / Getty Images</p>

Add functionality to any wall in a shed or garage by installing a pegboard. It offers much versatility for hanging various gardening items, from larger ones like a garden hose or a shovel to smaller accessories such as clippers. It allows you to maximize storage space from floor to ceiling and attach different-sized hooks as well as shelves to securely hold items.

Hang It on the Wall

<p>therry / Getty Images</p>

Hang a garden hose directly on the wall using a large hook, ensuring it’s wide enough to hold a coiled hose. This is an inexpensive storage method that allows the hose to dry quickly and instead of having to wind it on a reel, all you need to do is coil and hang it.

Tuck It Under Patio Furniture

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If you don’t want to purchase any extra gardening equipment, simply tuck a garden hose under your patio furniture. To make sure that it doesn’t unwrap, secure it using garden hose ties or extra long twisty ties.

Store It in an Outdoor Cabinet

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If you have outdoor furniture such as a cabinet or potting bench, store your garden hose inside it, either by placing it on a shelf or attaching a hook to the side and hanging it.

Get a Hose Reel

<p>Yaroslav Litun / Getty Images</p>

Yaroslav Litun / Getty Images

Hose reels come in various sizes and styles, some with a wind-up handle and others with a retractable feature for easy use. If you don’t want to mount a reel on an exterior wall, keep it on the ground near a spigot for convenience.

Utilize a Door

<p>schulzie / Getty Images</p>

If you’re out of wall space, hang a garden hose on a door in a shed, garage, or basement. Use multiple hooks if needed, ensuring they are wide enough to hold the coiled hose in place when the door opens and shuts.

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