11 Retail Stores That Price Match Competitors’ Prices

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Price matching can be a rewarding and lucrative pursuit, but many retailers require customers to jump through hoops to score these money-saving adjustments. Most folks won’t bother haggling with a harried manager to save a couple of dollars on toothpaste. However, when it comes to big-ticket purchases like TVs, smartphones, appliances, or furniture, the hassle is often worthwhile.

How can you be sure you’re getting the best deal, and that you won’t regret today’s purchase when tomorrow’s sale circulars go live? Before you take the plunge on a new fridge or flat screen, be sure to check the company’s price-matching policies and exclusions on their website.

A common question readers wonder about price matching is “Does Amazon price match?” Unfortunately not, but there are some big-name retailers on this list who are more than willing to price match Amazon. Will your favorite retailers refund you the difference if you find a product you purchased cheaper somewhere else? Here’s the scoop on our favorite stores that price match.

1. The Home Depot

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You can save big money by checking competitors’ prices before buying from The Home Depot. To get an in-store match, just show a Home Depot associate a competitor’s ad before checking out. For an online price match (plus shipping charges), call 1-800-430-3376 to talk to a customer service agent or text SUPPORT to 38698 to start a chat.

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2. Lowe’s

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Get the best bargains on all your home improvement needs by taking advantage of the Lowe’s Price Promise. To get an in-store price match, bring in a printed circular, a photo of a competitor’s price, or display the competitor’s price on your smartphone. If you’re shopping online, chat from the Lowe’s website, click the “Request a Price Match” link on the company’s Price Promise page, or call 1-877-465-6937. Mention the competitor’s price and the customer service rep will complete your order for you.

3. Tractor Supply Co.

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If you have just made the disappointing discovery that you paid too much for woodpecker suet, an ATV hitch, or a 50-pound bag of goat and sheep feed pellets that you just bought, head on back to Tractor Supply Co. This farm and outdoor-living retailer guarantees it will match any competitor’s online or in-store price on any identical item, with some exceptions. Most of their policies are fairly standard: You have a 30-day window after making a purchase to request and pocket the difference. See an associate in the store, fill out a contact form online, or call 877-718-6750 for help with price matching.

Exterior of a Northern Tool Co. store with parking lot in foreground

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Northern Tool’s Low Price Guarantee is similar to the terms and conditions of their competitors: Northern Tool does not price match in advance; buyers can receive a refund only of the difference between the amount they paid and the lower cost offered by another retailer within 30 days of purchase. Although the company will match prices from rivals’ websites, catalogs, or even phone sales, the competitor must have a brick-and-mortar store in the “immediate sales market” of a particular Northern Tool location. Contact the company with the competitor’s name, item make and model number, offer’s dates, and your receipt to [email protected].

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5. Target

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The Target price match policy is to meet  in-store prices and select competitors’ online prices for up to 14 days after purchase. Bring a local competitor’s ad or digital ad to checkout at your local Target. To get a Target price adjustment on a purchase you have already made, bring the ad and your original receipt to customer service. For items purchased at Target.com, call 1-800-591-3869 or chat at contactus.target.com for a price match, and have the competitor’s ad and Target order information handy.

6. Overstock.com

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Online retail giant Overstock.com does offer price matching—sort of. As its name implies, the company operates as a discount outlet, selling liquidated items bought wholesale from other retailers. That’s the reasoning behind its very limited price matching policy. First, a remorseful buyer has to belong to Club O Rewards, Overstock’s premium loyalty program; membership costs $19.95 annually. The buyer also has to act fast by asking for the match online within 7 days of purchase, after checking to see if an item is eligible for price matching. Finally, there are fewer than 10 retailers whose prices Club O will meet.

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7. LL Flooring

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The retailer formerly known as Lumber Liquidators underwent a rebranding in 2021, and in its current incarnation as LL Flooring, does not price match—it actually beats competitors’ flooring costs. According to LL Flooring’s Best Price Guarantee, “our sales team will work with each customer to beat any validated competitive price in the fairest and the most appropriate way for the customer’s unique project.” What’s more, LL Flooring will match its own sales prices, refunding shoppers if an item they purchase is discounted within the next 30 days. (It’s worth noting that most stores don’t match their later sales prices.) Bring proof of the identical product’s price to the store or contact [email protected].

8. Walmart

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Walmart will match lower prices on identical items if they are sold by one of nearly 30 online retailers. To get the deal, visit Walmart’s online Customer Care Center, click “Contact Us,” enter the competitor’s price and product information, and then wait for approval before ordering the item. For in-store purchases, bring a competitor’s ad to the Customer Service Center after purchasing for a refund of the price difference.

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9. JCPenney

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JCPenney will price match both in-store and online competitors’ prices, and will even beat the lower price by an additional 5 percent (some items excluded). To get the deal, bring a competitor’s printed ad to your local store’s Customer Care department. Call 1-800-322-1189 or Tweet @askJCP for customer care for online price matching assistance.

10. Sears

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Sears offers both online and in-store price matching. Show a sales associate a competitor’s printed ad matching the date of your purchase during checkout to get the lower price in the store. For online price matching, call 1-800-349-4358, mention the competitor’s website, and the customer rep will assist in ordering the item at the lower price.

11. Best Buy

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Does Best Buy price match Costco and other big-box stores? You bet—that’s one of the biggest perks of the Best Buy price match policy. As long as the retailer is a local competitor to your area Best Buy and is selling an identical product, you should be good to go. The electronics retailer is also great about giving its in-store customers web or in-app pricing (or vice versa), if Best Buy’s brick-and-mortar prices are different from its online prices. Best Buy price match also applies to the prices of local retail competitors, Amazon.com, Dell.com, Crutchfield.com, and HP.com (some exclusions apply).

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